Basis Of Our Salvation

The basis of our salvation is in our faith. It is the confident belief that what we hope for will happen and that something is true. To believe in someone or something, often without any evidence or can’t be seen by our physical eyes.

The Bible tells us that salvation is a gift from God, and He expects us to receive it freely. Faith helps us rely on Him and trust Him when we don’t know what the future will bring. It is also important to remember that there are different kinds of faith, human and divine faith.

Therefore, our faith must anchor on the standard given by the Divine Creator, not on the human basis of which different and various doctrines come forth into existence. The latter resulted in differences from generation to generation, making it complicated. The simple instruction becomes obscured with the intervention of man’s intelligence.

In the Old Testament, God ordained a sacrificial system, to which the Israelites be remitted of their sins temporarily. A single piece of the system omitted would nullify, and God would not accept the sacrificial offering. Observing the sacrificial system to the last detail would make our world free from various faith differences and have a harmonious peace with each other.

In our present generation, are we still covered with the sacrificial system given by God to Moses? Indeed, we are not exempt from that law. However, only a few knew the truth and lack of spiritual enlightenment. Due to carnal knowledge and pride, interpretation of the law produced perverted doctrines and beliefs.

We must return to the original Gospel, the Gospel of the water and the Spirit. In the book of John 3:5, No one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. Most Christians today believe only the Spirit, and the belief of water is missing. The water and Spirit faith is a prerequisite to our salvation. We can not separate this in our faith for us to be remitted completely.